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Geoffrey Russell 1920-2007

Geoffrey Russell antiques dealerGeoffrey Russell passed away peacefully on 10th October 2007.

We shall all miss his love and laughter and we hope this web site will be a fitting memorial to his amazing life.

Within this web site there are a selection of interesting and amusing anecdotes which have been collated and edited from Geoffrey's stories by his son, Peter.  More content will be added over the next few months.

We dedicate this website to his memory and hope you will appreciate the range and depth of the adventures he had. These pages are a tribute to a long and filled life and the happiest of memories of a loving father to his son and daughter Lyndsay and Peter, the warmest father-in-law to Mike and Anita and the most entertaining and adored grandfather to Joshua, Josie and Tippi. 

The stories start in the 1916, and lead us through the golden age of antiques and chart Geoffrey's success as one of England's well known, best loved and authoritative antique dealers.

"Geoffrey enjoyed telling me these stories and I am so pleased to be able to pass them on to my children, my niece and all his many friends and acquaintances. I hope all readers enjoy these stories.  For those of you who knew him and have stories you would like to include, please email me at info@antiquestories.co.uk and I shall add them to the website.

If you would like to leave a message or share a memory please email me at info@antiquestories.co.uk. Your kind thoughts and wishes would be very much appreciated."

Peter Russell

"In the 1930's England came off the Gold Standard and a gold sovereign became worth 22 shillings instead of 20, and my father was encouraged to open a gold & silver buying shop in Market Street, St. Helier.

I was only twelve at that time, but I loved looking at all the treasures being offered, admiring all the skills of the long past craftsmen .

My Father, who took to the new occupation, like a duck to water, was mainly interested on the price of the precious metals as it provided a quick return for his outlay.

One of the first memories I have of my profession as an Antiques Dealer was seeing my Father breaking up a beautiful diamond & emerald  necklace in its original plush case just for the gold content, telling me it would show him a profit on the price that he had paid.

I told him he could had received much more had he sold it as an article.

After a great deal of nagging on my part, and proving that fine goods were wanted for their workmanship, he finally listened to me and started to display his purchases without resorting to  melt them down.

Of course I did not get any credit for my wisdom"

This marked the start of Geoffrey's career in antiques. A career that was to span over 50 years.

Click for Antiques storyThree of the stories (The First Shop, Antique Silver Drama and the Pussy Cat Story) have a recording of Geoffrey telling the tale in his own words